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If you are looking a status for whatsapp in English , you are on the right track here. With whatsapp being one of the trending ways that you can share and update your friends about your thoughts and feelings, there is a craze when it comes to whatsapp status as well.

With that comes the many kinds of whatsapp status from love to inspirational, to friendship and funny themes, etc from which you can choose from. Whatsapp status in different languages is there as well, such as Hindi and English. Here, you can find wide array of status for whatsapp in English that you can use so that you can have just the right whatsapp status or quote to speak your thoughts and feelings. Choose among them and enjoy a cool status for your whatsapp in English.


1. Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.
2. I couldn’t speak English. I’m in kindergarten, and the only reason I got through to first grade is because I cheated.
3. My least favorite phrase in the English language is ‘I don’t care.’
4. ‘No’ is the second shortest word in the English language, but one of the hardest to say.
5. I speak two languages, Body and English.

6. Many Continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game.
7. When the English language gets in my way, I walk over it.
8. An English man does not travel to see English men.
9. I was the happiest in English class, and algebra was where I cried.
10. Every Indian child learns to speak English in school.

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Status for WhatsApp in English
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